Training with Zlata

Microblading Course

Our training is limited to a small class size so each individual receives personalized training from Zlata. Our program is 3 full days. Day 1 and 2 will be spent learning the theory and technical aspects of the technique. You will practice the technique on simulated skin to prepare you for day 3. Day 3, you will receive practical training as you perform microblading on a live model. We teach you how to protect your self and your client from the infection . How to legally start your new career including all business considerations and where and how to register your business.

With our class you getting skills of :

– 3D Hair strokes.
– Depth of strokes.
– Sanitation.
– Measuring techniques for the perfect Eyebrows.
– Color matching theory by skin tone.
– How to mix and choose the correct color for your client.
– Pigment industry (We will walk you through pigments).
– Client registration forms.
– Aftercare instruction.
– Health department regulations.
– Legal advice.
– Accounting.
– Special Insurance.
– Licensing (describing the process in detail by state).

Zlata will share her experience and artistry to provide insight to her students on the best practices of microblading and teach how to develop a client base.
Total cost $1800 (including complimentary microblading kit)

Spa Management Class

Do you know how and where register your new business, how and where to start and where to go?! WE KNOW! We are here to help you, and give you the best advice from personal experience. We are offering two days master class with Zlata Von Emme (Owner of Love Your Body NY LLC. Beauty clinic). Zlata will share her personal experience, and teach you how to run a new “small” business. How to establish a small spa/salon legally and be prepared for a successful business.

With our program you will learn:

– Marketing without overspending.
– Legal advice (from selecting a lawyer to purchasing the correct insurance to hiring the right accountant)
– Whats corporate structure is best? It it an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an S corp. and what is the difference and how it affects you.
– How to attract new clients to your space.
– Floor plans (Smart ideas without waisting floor space).
– Total start up budgeting and planning for your first year of operating expenses.
– Construction cost (How to save money on Construction and the same time make your place unique and different then others).
– Design and finish schemes.
– Furniture (What you really need to start and where to buy to save money)
-Professional Equipment (How to make intelligent purchases, using the web, quality considerations and smart investing).
-How to register your new business, where to start and where to go?!
-How to build a strong team.
-How to motivate staff.
-How to operate legally to avoid unnecessary fines considering all agencies.

Love Your Body Lobby View

I started my business from the scratch, it was like a baby, no one told me how to start, I was in panic, i felt lost and confused, I didn't know how to legally set up the business and protect myself. I felt lost, where to go? How to start? I learned on my own both good and bad experiences, I was thinking of every minor detail, services, quality of my work and my workers, results, the atmosphere, how my client would feel when they received services? What makes us better then others?! It was a long road and hard work, but i made it, i learned it the hard way. Now it’s your turn to be the best in the market, to be unique, learn how to build a Beauty empire in your Area / Town / State. I will teach you both big and small considerations to get you started in the right direction and then it’s up to you.

Zlata Von Emme