Zlata Von Emme
Cosmetology Education Center

Our school is offering the newest technology and advanced device facials.

Many students graduate from Cosmetology/Aesthetic school without knowledge in device Aesthetics and treatments . In reality, you were likely taught about basic facials (manual facials). Now it’s time to move forward and learn more. This advanced training will be good for your future opportunities and your career. Most 5 star spas and well know beauty centers prefer to higher aestheticians who have big knowledge in the newest technology of the 21st Century. European and Eastern European beauty centers compete with each other…..”WHO IS BETTER?” They try to provide the latest trendy best device facial services. We have collected the best techniques, devices for basic and high quality treatments. All of our Master classes are one ,two or three days, depending on your choice of training. We believe, in our industry an aesthetician must learn new skills, treatments and techniques. Did you ever think what’s makes the best technician? What service can you provide, in our industry, for clients to believe that you are the one? It’s a simple answer…..KNOWLEDGE!

Our spa only uses advanced devices. Our clients are very satisfied and impressed by the quality and phenomenal results they realize following treatment.
DON’T WAIT, sign up today, build your future and become a high quality aesthetician or spa owner.
I look forward to meeting you and help grow your future.
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Zlata Von Emme


Microblading 3D

Have you dreamed of becoming a Microblading Artist? At Love your Body NY, you can learn and practice 3D Hair strokes