Project Description

Love Your Body for Men

HydraFacial for men
The effective and deep cleansing facial.

Microscrubber Facial
A facial without discomfort and redness.
You can do this facial before work or special event.

Face Peels
Organic face peel is popular all over the world.
It’s good for Acne, scars and large pores

Permanant Makeup for Eyebrows

Microblading for men using our 3D hair stroke technique can conceal scars. Our technique leaves a natural real hair appearance. We use Microblades, the dimension of the blades is similar to diameter of real hair. This procedure is also good for men with Alopecia. Mens eyebrows are thicker and lower then women’s eyebrows.
The shape and pigment of your eyebrows will be customized to the shape of your face and your skin tone.
This treatment is good for Someone who has Alopecia or scars, or someone who wants to improve eyebrow shape.

Second Chin Removal and non Surgical Face Lift

Tibetan facial massage has a tremendously powerful lifting effect. It is almost surgery without a knife. Sculptural massage is an excellent tool for treating not only fading facial skin but also this massage is effective in the treatment of early wrinkles. Preventative sculptural massage is fashionable to do from the age of 25 to 75. The massage expert is a skillful sculptor, they sculpt the client’s face, setting the face to the ideal lines and contour. Thanks to such an influence, the original lines and contour of the face is restored, the ideal young, oval and outline of the face is restored. This treatment is safe and painless and most importantly effective. We offer you Tibetan massage from 6-10 treatments.

Wrinkles Reducer Procedure

Our wrinkle reduction procedure is based upon your skin diagnosis.

  • Light therapy has no downtime. Red light therapy is good for wrinkles. Our recommendation is 6-10 treatment sessions.
  • Mesotherapy should reveal results after the first treatment. We recommend 4-6 treatments for best results.
  • We recommend 4-8 sessions for Tibetan Lifting Massage.


This procedure removes dead skin and is effective for acne and scar reduction. This treatment also gives your skin a glowing and even look.
This treatment should be repeated 1-2 times per year. If your skin is prevalent with acne or scars, we recommend this procedure every month for a 4 month period for best results..

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mezo Pen for Men
Mezo Pen for Men
Service Price
HydraFacial $180
Ultrasound facial $140
Peel $250
For Men
Ultrasound facial