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Skin Resurfacing

Get the smooth glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of with Venus Viva New Skin Resurfacing Treatment. With this customizable skin resurfacing care, you can visibly see its outcome in nursing mild to severe skin damage.

This new skin remedy is safe for all skin types. Venus Viva offers ablation, coagulation and skin resurfacing visible even after first use.

Non-surgical solution

Venus Viva offers a non-surgical solution to treat acne scars, rosacea, large pores, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin laxity and texture. This new skin care is FDA approved. Its Nanofractional radiofrequency energy deeply heats the skin without burning, offering decreased healing time.

Venus Viva Facial Rejuvenation
Venus Viva Facial Rejuvenation
Venis Viva Hardware

Smart Scan Technology and NanoFractional Radio Frequency

The smart scan applicator with NanoFractional radiofrequency delivers multiple pattern options for maximum flexibility to suit the individual skin needs. With its small footprint per pin (160 x 38 µm2), energy is distributed at variable densities that reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation risks, thus offering faster healing with a uniform tissue appearance. This medical spa device uses a unique algorithm and pattern selection technology that provides a customized experience for better control and efficacy. With the smart scan technology, ablation and coagulation of the epidermis dermis zone can be carried out in a fractional manner providing better skin resurfacing resulting in minimal downtime.

Safe for all skin types

This treatment is safe for all skin types as it targets the tissue designed to break the existing collagen by focusing radio energy frequency on it. After that body begins a healing process by replacing the effected collagen with the new one. The radiofrequency stimulates the body to produce fibroblasts that produce collagen. This healing process imparts a smoother texture to the skin, fills up lines and wrinkles and reduces acne scars and pigmentation. The same method is also suitable for dark or ethnic skin types.

Quick treatment process

To prepare your skin for this procedure, do not apply any lotions, sunscreen, perfume, powder or makeup and avoid prolonged sun exposure. It is recommended to shave beforehand if your problem area has excessive hair growth. Venus Viva new skin care process usually takes around 15-30 minutes depending on the skin aria size. The process feels like pinprick sensations on the skin surface and may feel like a sunburn after. Though the procedure is not painful some people with a lower pain threshold can opt for a topical anesthesia for minimal discomfort.

Impressively low downtime

Venus Viva offers an impressively low downtime. Most patients experience mild redness for a few days as their bodies react to the micro invasions caused by the radiofrequency. Simple skincare routines for the first few days can help your skin heal faster. However, most people resume their usual routine almost immediately without any special care and can wear makeup post 24 hours of procedure.

Superior results

Most people can visibly see positive changes after just first session, but for superior results, three to four repetitions are recommended every four to six weeks. This number may vary according to individual skin types and concerns to be treated. The results continue to improve with regular spa visits.

Try Venus Viva New Skin Resurfacing Treatment to experience smoother skin, reduced scars and pigmentation with minimal downtime.

Venis Viva 1 Session Package of 6 Total for 3 Sessions
Service $550 $440 $2640
Venus Viva
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