Project Description

Deep Hydration

Heated Body Wrap with Mask is the application of a product over your whole body, with the intention to deliver a therapeutic effect, such as hydration, mineralizing, or detoxification. Just like the skin on your face benefits from a facial mask during a professional facial, so does the skin on the rest of your body benefit from a body mask.

Body Mask Ingredients

Body masks typically contain active ingredients such as:

  • Clay or mud, which is detoxifying. They help draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin. Clay, kaolin or bentonite are known for their tightening effects.
  • Seaweed or algae, which are remineralizing.
  • Aloe vera, which is soothing, especially for sunburned skin.
  • Shea butter or body creams, which are rich and moisturizing.
Service 1 Session Package of 6 Total of 6
Heated Body Wrap $80 $60 $360