Project Description

Permanent MakeUp / Microblading

Permanent makeup treatments are designed to replicate traditionally applied makeup and are mainly used to enhance the eyebrows by recreating the brows strand by strand to match skin tone and color pigment. Brow hair grade and color is analyzed and a desired shape is created with a specialized pencil. Then with the technique of Microblading, natural-looking brows are custom-created according to one’s bone structure, resulting in perfectly shaped and balanced brows without the need for pencils and fillers.

This procedure may last up to two years and may require occasional touch-up sessions. Clients who suffer from Alopecia can have their eyebrows and bald spots restored through Microblading-Microstroking enhancement, a technique that provides the appearance of natural hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. This process is performed by manually depositing pigment superficially in the upper region of the dermis with the use of a specialized hand tool. The tool has attached needles fused together in a linear grouping, and does not rely on any machines. It involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that have a very realistic quality, and may be used to fill in bald spots on the scalp as well.

The treatment takes approximately 2 hours. Pigment is chosen by skin tone and undertone.
We Don’t recommend Permanent Makeup for women who are breast feeding, are pregnant, under treatment with chemotherapy, under treatment with steroids, diabetes sufferers and anyone with OILY SKIN TYPE.

The service provider of Permanent makeup is Zlata Von Emme. She has studied with Everlasting, Neezee Babeea, Baltic brows, Phibrows and is licensed in New York.

Service Price
Microblading $600

Touchup included ( 30 Days After the first procedure )


Touchup included ( 30 Days After the first procedure )

Microblading Master Class